En route to WYD

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I'm currently on my way to World Youth Day in Krakow, Poland. We've been travelling for 6 hours or so now and are currently in the ferry queue at Dover. The delays haven't affected us too much so far, but the queue for security checks here is pretty slow. Understandably they've heightened security following the recent attacks. 

However, I've realised that this journey will be a very long time to be wearing a binder and I will need to find some occasions to take it off. I'm currently very unsure how I'm going to do this, as we'll be sleeping on the minibus and I really don't want to be around other people if I'm not binding. 

So what is WYD? 

It's an international Catholic event bringing together young Catholics from around the world. It takes place every three years in different countries, with the last one taking place in Rio de Janeiro in 2013. 

I've wanted to go since I was around 13 or 14, but have always been prevented due to cost. This year due to having Polish members of our Catholic chaplaincy we have managed to get a really good deal on travel and accommodation which has enabled me to go. I'm very excited to experience Krakow, to spend time with members of my chaplaincy as well as gathering with thousands of other young Catholics. 

I'm very lucky to be travelling with such a lovely supportive group of people and I'm hopeful that this will further strengthen our friendships. We'll have the chance to visit some historic places and attend different talks and workshops, with the week ending in an overnight vigil with Pope Francis followed by Mass. 

We have a blog which may be updated more often with news from our group: http://sheffieldwyd.wordpress.com

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